• TJ Stafford

the story of a penis fish is FINALLY told

Remember this:

Yeah. Those are penish fish. And THOUSANDS washed up on shore in Northern California a few years ago. This is objectively funny, in and of itself. So of course I and the creative people I'm surrounded with started riffing on this scenario. Like, are there 'vagina fish' ? Do they actively swim? Do they get larger when they're excited? Do the penis fish have penis-es? How bummed are female penis fish? You see where this could go.

Where we DIDN'T see it going was a fully scripted animated tv show. But, that's where it went. Because, what if one of those penis fish woke up on the beach with amnesia? Just...what if? And what if he tried to piece his life back together surrounded by a rag tag group of characters? Just...WHAT IF?!? WE HAD TO KNOW!!!!

Thus, Private Dick was born. Or aroused. Or...whatever. Check out the soon to be series here.

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